Sunday, 28 July 2013

Quedenraha at The Queen's House

Eager to explore some of London’s performance arts, my friend and I decided to take a trip to the Queen’s House gallery in Greenwich last Sunday to watch “Quedenraha” by Akleriah . 

This particular show was a live performance inside the art gallery halls which offered a unique take on opera, classical music and contemporary dance. The artists wore period-costumes that told a story in themselves, and were all manufactured by hand using eco-friendly materials and embellishments.  The costumes were ravishingly opulent and bursting with texture which created a unique modern Marie Antoinette feel. A live visual feast for the eyes, the initial group of four performers began in the one room and moved the audience into a grand hall where the main act occurred, consisting of about nine artists. This was the story of grandeur, power and politics between two dramatic queens, (my interpretation) with mystical forest nymphs, a serious-faced juggling jester and crazy palace socialites adding to the scene. The story played upon the history of the Queen’s House, and enacted a mysterious game, inspired by the olden day bourgeois. 

This was a pure feast for the senses, a great Sunday outing, and cost us nothing to watch. We both walked out the gallery feeling rather relaxed, in a surreal state of mind, and decided to end of our day in the park with an al fresco picnic !

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