Friday, 10 August 2012

Public Holiday: my photography session

It feels strange to be back at work on a Friday after a public holiday on a Thursday. (yaaaawn). Anyway, I decided to play around with my camera yesterday with my cat, and my friend Danika. After a few days of cold and rain (quite unusual for our sunny city) we were happy to have blue clear skies and sunshine in the garden.    I wanted to try a few looks on her - some portrait shots, and some body shots outdoors.  We also started out with a natural make-up look and natural 'just left' hair, adding on to her makeup as we went along to create a more smokey look towards the last few pics. For the last look I added in some curls to her hair and tousled them out with hair spray. All makeup by MAC and Bobbi Brown, hair by GHD products. Here are a few of the images, unedited. Hope you like!