Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Kate Moss: Through The Ages

Today’s post is dedicated to none other than notorious supermodel of the 90’s, Kate Moss. 
For more than 20 years Miss Moss has utterly fascinated the fashion industry with her multi-faceted looks.  Known for her talent in reinvention and her ability to stay relevant – cutting edge, even over the span of her two decade career, she has inspired us.  There’s one magazine in particular that’s been important in perpetuating the ‘kate moss myth’: Vogue. Moss has appeared on the cover of international issue of Vogue a whopping 300 times.   Here we look at some of her finest cover photos from 1993 to 2012. 

Vogue UK, March 1993. Kate's first ever Vogue cover

Vogue UK, Jan, 1995

Vogue, June, 1996

Vogue Paris, September 1997

Vogue Russia, September 1998

Vogue, April 1999

Vogue Paris, Feb, 2001

Vogue UK, Jan 2002

Vogue UK, May 2003

Vogue UK, June 2006

Vogue Spain, May 2008

Vogue Paris, July 2010

Vogue Brazil, May 2011

Vogue Japan, April 2012

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