Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Victoria's Secret Designer Collection

As if we weren’t already content with VC’s existing collection of lingerie, the world renowned lingerie label has launched a new even juicier designer collection of sought after pieces.  Launched on January the 24th, the collection has been flying off the shelves according to Women’s Wear Daily, and its no wonder. From unlined lacy bras, to barely there nude polka-dot panties, the new classy collection offers a refreshing and chic change from VS’s regular playful pieces.  This collection looks more classic, elegant and sophisticated – perfect for the woman who wants pure luxury and fashion all in one.  This collection does come at a ‘designer’ price though. The bras retail from $98 to $158; panties and garter belts are from $38 to $68 and baby dolls and teddies are priced at $158 to $218.  VC’s new range aims to really differentiate itself from other lingerie labels, and it will be replacing other high-end brands in their stores.  Check out the collection here. 

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