Thursday, 12 January 2012

Beauty That Purrs...

A friend of mine recently brought this quirky makeup collection to my attention. Being so used to seeing conventional cosmetic packaging everywhere - its refreshing to see this gorgeous feline-themed makeup range by French cosmetic brand 'Paul & Joe'. I'm pretty used to seeing Hello Kitty everywhere to, so its nice to see a change - especially in the actual shape of the makeup product, as well as the packaging. Check out the kitty-shaped lipsticks - too cute!


  1. oooh! they are sooo cute!! love it!! but we don´´t know how you can make up your lips! jaja :)

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  3. The concept is really nice and diffrent and I love how they used the same theme in all products in diffrent ways

  4. so sweet! love the lipstick. the cats with the hat are so funny.

  5. Nice pics!