Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Liquid Words

Cate Parr

These are some of the finest watercolour art pieces I’ve seen.  UK-born Cate Parr began her artistic career as a fashion illustrator, who manages to capture the ethereal, fleeting and vulnerable quality of fashion imagery in her watercolours.

What I find particularly impressive is how she makes this medium look easy. Having personally tried it myself, it’s quite tricky to say the least. There is a dreamy, beautiful undertone in her work. However beneath the pastelly beauty demands the viewer to look closer, a quality we admire in any image-maker’s work. In today’s world of a million images a second, it takes a lot to make any of us stop and pause and really see. Parr’s work, which has appeared in both editorial and brand contexts, hasn’t been seen in massive formats or super-brand environments yet, but somehow we envision these images appearing in enormous window displays in the world’s fashion capitals this coming spring.

(Words/Source: Tuija Seipell/ )


  1. nice post!!!

  2. these are absolutely unbelieveable!! xx

  3. It's really beautiful!!