Monday, 11 July 2011

J-Lo Le-Glow !

Have you noticed how effortlessly gorgeous the Hollywood Latino actresses are?

This could be due to their flawlessly bronzed complexion, or their long lusterous locks, but its mainly in their makeup and skincare routines.  A good rich moisturiser will give your skin a dewy 'plumped' finish which creates a beautiful base to apply foundation on.
It goes to show that applying a moderate amount of a mild self-tan cream, and a good rich hair colour can make the world of difference to a look.  Jessica Alba's makeup is always applied in natural tones and is never too heavy.  Bare in mind she is naturally gorgeous so hardly needs to use make-up, but she takes care of her skin, hair and smile. This is something that a lot of women tend to neglect, and it can make the world of difference to flash a smile that has been looked after (and slightly whitened), and hair that has been conditioned correctly. Jennifer Lopez has always been the slightly curvacious and bronzed inspiration for thousands of women all over the world.  She has been chosen as the spokesperson for Gillette Venus , and naturally so because of her shapely and toned legs (which she trains very hard for).  Her makeup can often be seen in heavier shades and tones but she is lucky enough to suite both styles of makeup. Her shades of haircolour are also flexible, in that she suits a honey coloured light brown, but also a rich chocolate brown shade.

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