Thursday, 28 July 2011

"Chicks dig a bad boy"

An Englishman at heart, Westwick was born in Hammersmith, London.  He trained at the National Youth Theatre in London and fronted the British indie rock band The Filthy Youth, composed of himself, Benjamin Lewis Allingham, Jimmy Wright, Mitch Cox, and John Vooght. He’s is now inactive in the band, largely because he wanted to focus on his acting career and the other band members were still based in the U.K.
Westwick became the new face of K-Swiss; making him the second member of the Gossip Girl cast to endorse sportswear (Leighton Meester endorsed Reebok). He also guest starred in the third season of the Showtime original series Californication as a student who was fascinated with vampire literature.   Ed Westwick’s character really struck a chord with female fans in Chuck Bass’s character in Gossip Girl.  The scheming but undeniably sexy character has risen to fame very fast. I gathered some interesting quotes about the infamous Westwick that speaks volumes about his disposition…
“But there are a lot more differences than similarities between Chuck and me. When I was 17, I had certain characteristics of Chuck’s, but obviously the context was different.  I didn’t come from the Upper East Side and I didn’t have the same desires. Oh, and I didn’t’ have a string of lovers. I’m a good boy.”
“I’m not into scenery spots, so we hang out in people’s apartments. I’m only 20. And I’d rather be known for my career rather than my whereabouts.  To be respected as an actor it doesn’t help to be seen out in clubs.”
“I’ve always connected with music. Life’s not always what you see; it’s what going on in your head. Music is what comes out of your subconscious.”

“They want Chuck, not me. Chicks dig a bad boy.” (On why does he thinks women are attracted to him)

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